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Painting red hair in oil paint

This week I set up my new studio in the spare room of our new house!! All very exciting, the most exciting thing is that my studio looks out to my backyard- and our beautiful orange tree! So. Happy.

I havent painted anything in months, so am here starting a newbie and thought I’d do a demo on painting red hair in oil paint. It’s actually a simple process to get to this stage. In my next post I will go about finishing the hair in more detail with tips on getting the hair to look shiny and much more realistic.

Photo above: Firstly as with all of my oil paintings I start with an acrylic wash, just to add a bit of colour to a stark white canvas, and also to place my darks in. These darks will act as an underpainting for when I paint the darks in oils. Dark oil paint is usually transparent so this method saves me repeating layers in oil paint to get colour opacity.

redhair_demo!Above photo: Now with my oil paint I mark in the dark areas of the hair using a burnt umber. I then mark in the highlights of the hair in a yellow ochre light.

redhaor_demo2Above photo: I then mark in the medium colour of the hair, this will be a red head so thats why the burnt orange is the chosen colour. I used cadmium red and yellow ochre to get this shade. Now that all of the colours are blocked in I am ready to blend.

redhair_demo3Above photo: With a stiff bristly brush about 10mm wide (the painting is 14′ x 18′) I paint from the crown of the hair all the way to the ends of the hair following the flow of the hair strands. Make sure to clean your brush with each brush stroke as the paint build up by brushing through the hair strands, will dirty up your new brushstrokes. This is a super easy way to paint hair and get realistic hair flow marks and colour differentiation using colour and tone. I’ve stopped here and will now let this layer of oil paint dry.

liquin glazeOnce the paint is dry I then go over the whole hair with a cadmium glaze. A glaze is a mixture of medium (I use Windsor and Newton Liquin medium and paint). By mixing the paint with Liquin you create a semi transparent layer, and in this case this semi transparent layer of cadmium red played over the entire hair area enhances the red hair.

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com

Have a great week!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose xox

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Upcoming Art Classes

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com Hey all you budding artistes out there! I have a coupe of art classes coming up….

Fashion Illustration for Beginners: This is a 6 week course held every Thursday from 6:30pm -9pm in the Sydney Fashion Masters Building in York St Sydney. For more info please see here.

Watercolour Painting for Beginners: This a 2.5 hour class aimed at beginners who want to learn the art of watercolour painting. Class held at The Work-Shop in Redfern, Sydney. Tuesday night May 12th, 6:30 – 9pm. For more information please see here.

Happy Painting!

Wolfgang and Rose xox

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com
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Painting Hair with Bankers

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com

“Yes you can paint!” has always been my answer to anyone who says that they can’t. One of my greatest pleasures of being an artist is passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for painting to those who seek it. I love teaching, especially when a student has that “Wow did I really paint that,” moment in one of my classes.

This picture above is from a recent private corporate class, teaching a bunch of bankers basic oil painting techniques. They thought I was just going to give them a basic easy peasy lesson, but I put them to work and threw them into the deep end with painting hair in oils, and look what happened! If you can logically work with numbers and algorithms as they do, then painting is just the same; it’s just logical ways of looking at mass and within that mass finding geometric forms and patterns. They did so well and I was proud as pits seeing those moments of artistic realisation each person had.

Happy painting,

Wolfgang and Rose xox

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New Painting: Strawberry Shortcake

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com“Strawberry Shortcake” oil on canvas, 10′ x 12′ / 31cm x 25cm (Private collection of the artist)

My fingers have been itching to paint for so long. I can’t believe this is my first painting of 2015 and it’s mid March! Busy busy bee I have been: teaching, being a Mama, moving house la la la la. Anyways it’s good to be back at my easel again.

This latest painting is of my beautiful baby girl. When I was a child, my favourite doll was Strawberry Shortcake – do you remember those dolls? Well when you squeezed the dolls stomach, she puffed out strawberry smelling air. All those years I had her, the doll never ran out of that sweet puff. Just like my childhood doll, my daughter is a bundle of adorable breathing sweetness, she also loves strawberries!

Below are the progress pics of the making of this painting and how it transformed from an idea to a finished work….

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.comAbove: On the left side is the original photo that I took. On the right is the photo with my design elements put in with Photoshop. Notice the strawberry print? The headscarf was taken from another photograph and I superimposed it onto the image, I thought it looked really cute by adding it here.

Below is a short summary of my process, but for a more in depth look at how I paint you can check out my previous post here for Aqua Bloom

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com1. This is the drawing I started with using the Photoshopped image above, along with the first wash of paint.

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com2. Now you can see I am building up the image by blocking in colour.

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com3. Now for some details…

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com4. Another layer of details and refining colour, also neatening up here.

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.comAnd voila, the finished painting!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose xox

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Interview in The Vintage Post

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com

Welcome 2015!!! Hope you all had a great start into the new year. Am really looking forward to getting more time to paint and create this coming year. It all gets a bit crazy balancing my family life with my creative business, and it’s usually my creative time that has to give. But I’ve nothing to complain about, am lucky to be able to have it all, perhaps just not all at the same time. I’ve got some really exciting projects coming up and also want to share lots more of my painting tips and tutorials. So hang in there with me and I will try and get some good posts up as often as I can.

This week the lovely people at The Vintage Post interviewed me about my art and art practice. And in conjunction with their interview, they are giving away 2 of my large signed art prints to their readers! To read the interview and to have chance to win the prints check out the interview link here.

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Lady Frankenstein


art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com
Watercolour painting in progress
PicFrame +
These are the sourced images used that I referenced to make the above watercolour painting.

Lady Frankenstein! No thats not the name that I am giving this painting, it’s just how I make my reference images! This little number I was working on last week white at the Etsy at David Jones event (which was an amazing experience by the way!). This was part of a demonstration that I gave there for fashion illustration in watercolours.

The Frankenstein title comes from my reference image process where I take a range of images sourced from fashion magazines and the web, then splice them all together to make a completely new image. It’s kind of like making a lady Frankenstein out of many beautiful fashion photographs. You can see in the image above all of the pictures I have used. I’ve yet to finish this painting though, as I am quite chatty and spent a lot of my demonstration time talking and meeting with some great people. Hopefully they got some good tips on watercolour painting and enjoyed the demo. Thank you to those who came along and said hi!

Am off to sunny Queensland next week for a holiday with my darling family, so this painting is on hold until then.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose




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Finished Oil Painting: Pink Empire

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com

art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com

Pink Empire, oil on canvas, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm  Original oil painting SOLD, Giclee Prints Available for sale on Etsy

Here she is, all pretty and complete: Pink Empire! I actually finished her last week and have only just gotten around to posting this up. Have been busily preparing for the Etsy at David Jones Event coming up next week. Am so excited to be part of this special event and have been slaving away prepping my Giclee art prints for my stall. I will also have “Pink Empire” there in the flesh for sale, so come along and check her out.

I will also be giving Fashion Illustration demos on the Saturday and Sunday there both between 5pm and 7pm. They will both be in watercolour, not in oil as I had previously mentioned (might be too messy!).

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose xox