New Painting: Pink Safari

pink safari framed by Wolfgang & Rose
“Pink Safari” 10″ x 12″, Gouache on Archers Paper, Original SOLD, Prints available via my web store.

It’s been about 1 year since Ive posted a new painting. Oil paintings just take so long to dry, so I taught myself how to use Gouache in a similar way that it can represent  oils. I will never get my works as smooth and refined as an oil painted one, but at least I can now produce a painting as Gouache is so much quicker to dry, but does give me the opportunity to paint in detail and bright colours.

This painting above is titled “Pink Safari”, another change in my studio is that I am painting a new series of interiors. Ive always loved interior design, and love imagining interiors that Id like to visit or live in. This one here is the lovely home of this black cat, not sure of its name but it looks quite happy sitting on its Eames hot pink chair.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang & Rose xxx


Fashion Illustration Class

Fashion Illustration Class Course Sydney
It’s been a long time between posts! It’s also been a long time between painting too. I will post more soon as I have a few paintings up my sleeve I want to get out that I am very excited about. If you have an Instagram account you can also follow me there @wolfgang_and_rose 

For those of you who’d like to come along I am teaching Fashion illustration this April  over 2 consecutive Saturdays. This is a beginners course, but be assured I will have you leave with the confidence to draw your own fashion figure, design and draw fabulous clothing it and finish it all with beautiful gouache, ink and watercolour skills to make your own fashion illustrations that you will be proud of!

I teach in a very logical way, there is no airy fairy stuff going on here. Figurative drawing is one of the hardest forms to achieve, but by knowing the proportions of the body, understanding form, volume and how light affects these things brings an easier approach to achieving skills you can use with ease.

For more info and to book please visit The Sydney Community College here. Or feel free to email me here:

Class location will be in  the Holmes Building, York St Sydney City.

Hope to see you there,

Wolfgang & Rose xxx

New Oil Painting: Freckles



Freckles, oil on Belgian Linen, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm  SOLD
Giclee Prints available via my Etsy Store

I have cheated a bit and posted this new work a bit late! I completed “Freckles ” at the end of last year and it’s already March! It’s been a while since I’ve had time to dedicate to my art. Well, I am back again with a few helpful things in place to handle the juggling of making art and full time mothering. My supportive and lovely husband got some help for me at home. He got me a cleaner to come in every fortnight for a couple of hours to do all the hard labour chores I need to get done, to which I am a little embarrassed about. To someone like me, brining in a cleaner to do the job that I “should” be doing makes me feel like I am failing at being the homemaker. But to be honest, I work my butt off everyday. Being at home isn’t the fairytale where I sit all day playing with my kids, making art and having clean house. Instead I am cleaning, cooking, driving around getting groceries, fixing household problems, helping with homework, dealing with tantrums, la l al la! There has been absolutely no time to paint, and I need to paint for my own sanity and have a break. So, I am ever so thankful for the help and will use that extra free time I gain from having some help around the house to produce more art. I am really excited, as I have so many ideas I want to get off the ground this year, I just hope to get better at the creative/ homelife balance.

Painted with love

Wolfgang & Rose xox

New Painting: Mademoiselle

Well this is such a belated post! I had meant to create this post a couple of months ago when it was finalised, but as life goes for me busy busy happy happy! I luckily took lots of progress pics especially for this post. So here goes, hope my explanations are easy to understand. This was such a fun painting to create…..

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art“Mademoiselle”, oil on Belgian Linen, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm
Giclee Prints of original paint available for sale on Etsy


art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Ive drawn in the image in pencil and have just started to paint my wash (a watery acrylic layer of paint). This acts as a colour and paint stabiliser for upcoming oil paint layers.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Wash layer (can also be called the underpainting) all done! Despite looking horrible at the moment, this layer gives me a head-start as oils are often transparent, so you often need a few layers of paint to get true colour. By using acrylics as the underpainting layers you save time as acrylics dry within minutes, oils can take days to dry.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: This is the initial layer of oil paint finalised and dry. The point of this layer is to get the basis of the forms in and colours down. I just focus on getting everything in the right place rather than smoothing things out.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: I know, poor girl looks a bit hideous at this stage of the painting. This is the second oil paint layer starting on the face, you can spot the difference between the 1st and second layers on the face and the smoothing out thats happening here. See how Im contouring the face but keeping with where there is also light and shade. Imagine Im contouring her face in make up, same thing going on here but with oil paint.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Second layer of oils done and here I have waited for it to dry and am now painting on the third layer. You can see the comparison of smoothing between the 2nd layer (hands) and the 3rd layer in face area. The idea is to work rough from bottom layers and smoother layers on top each time, the more layers the smoother it all becomes. Because you already have colour and the basis of what you want to paint in previous layer, the process of filling in the blanks and smoothing out whats already there in second layer creates a seamless smoothing look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.13.22 PM

Above: This is the 4th layer of oil paint happening now, putting more detail in face and painting in the hands. See how smoother it’s all becoming! I then will go and neaten things all up again and again, add the background and add more details in. All of the finer details can be added in a 5th, 6th layer ect, but you don’t have to paint the whole image in the final layers, just the bits that need refining. So, some areas will have just a couple of layers some can have 10, its all up to how refined you want the final painting to be.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Finished and framed

Hope you enjoyed the post and got some useful tips and insight to oils, I have another painting that has been finished since that needs to be posted. Will get that up in a few days.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose




Finders Keepers Market Sydney


Hi everyone, sorry for my lack of posts for the past couple of months. I have been busy though with 2 new paintings finalised and preparing for a few design markets for Christmas. The biggest one is Finders Keepers Market which opens tomorrow night and finishes Sunday afternoon. I will be there with my original paintings and giclee prints, so come along and say hi. I’d be so happy to meet anyone who follows my blog and work.  I have though being posting on Instagram (as it’s just faster and easier for quick pics) so you can find me at @wolfgang_and_rose

Next week I will post up in detail the processes of my new paintings, so will be back soon!

Wolfgang & Rose xox

Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Me and my “mini Me” getting some creative time together

Motherhood and Creativity: The Divided Heart, is a book I had heard a bout a few years ago. It has now been re-relased and updated and I have finally read it. Do women still confront the attitude that they have to choose between following their creative dreams and having children? Author Rachel Power’s book conducts conversations with Australia’s most respected actors, writers,artists and musicians speak frankly about the wrench between motherhood and their creative lives. For those of you who follow my blog you will used to me saying regularly “I don’t ever have time to paint!” I try not to use this excuse all the time, but this issue is such a big point in my life. I often feel sick with guilt of having creative dreams and ambitions, when I already have so much already with my family. But the point of the fact is, I NEED to paint. Some people need exercise, some need fresh air, but I really need to paint otherwise I will go crazy. Painting for me is relaxing and makes me feel calm, it’s actually quite meditative. It’s been great to read this book and hear that so many other women go through this issue, and that their guilt in wanting to continue and succeeding in their creative field is something that is not uncommon. Motherhood and Creativity: The Divided Heart is available via Affirm Press in either paperback or Ebook, I highly recommend it.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang & Rose


New Painting: Lady Shades

Lady shades_webLady Shades, oil on Belgian Linen, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm
Giclee Prints of original paint available for sale on Etsy

Hi everyone it’s good to be back from a bit of a hiatus in updating my blog. Been busy but glad to get a bit of painting done and finished with my latest work titled “Lady Shades”. She was so much fun to paint, I loved painting her skin colour, so warm and vibrant. Below are a couple of pics of her painting process. Sorry for lack of images but I just didn’t get anytime to get my camera out much, when I paint it’s head down and go go go as I am always on such a small time frame. I’ve started a new work this week and promise to take more progress pics and explain my process on the by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.comAbove is my source images, you can see what bits I’ve chosen from each photo. In this particular work it was quite easy as only 3 images were used to make this mash up. Sometimes there are up to 15 images, a nose from here, and eye and hair from there.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.comThe colours I used to make her skin were a mix of burnt sienna, cadmium red, ultramarine blue, titanium white and burnt by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.comAm still bathing in the glory of having a new studio, check out my oranges on my orange tree!art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.comPainted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose xox