New Painting: Pink Safari

pink safari framed by Wolfgang & Rose
“Pink Safari” 10″ x 12″, Gouache on Archers Paper, Original SOLD, Prints available via my web store.

It’s been about 1 year since Ive posted a new painting. Oil paintings just take so long to dry, so I taught myself how to use Gouache in a similar way that it can represent  oils. I will never get my works as smooth and refined as an oil painted one, but at least I can now produce a painting as Gouache is so much quicker to dry, but does give me the opportunity to paint in detail and bright colours.

This painting above is titled “Pink Safari”, another change in my studio is that I am painting a new series of interiors. Ive always loved interior design, and love imagining interiors that Id like to visit or live in. This one here is the lovely home of this black cat, not sure of its name but it looks quite happy sitting on its Eames hot pink chair.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang & Rose xxx


2 thoughts on “New Painting: Pink Safari”

  1. Gouache is really difficult to work with in terms of getting an even and blended result. That is amazing that you were able to achieve such a beautiful result!

    1. Thanks Val! The trick is to get each area you want to blend absolutely dry, then mix a colour that is in between both colours and paint in between the two sections, once this is almost dry, take a dry brush and blend all the sections together in circular movements softly, this will then give an effect of a smooth blend from one colour to another. It took me a while to get a hang of this.

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