Fashion Illustration Class

Fashion Illustration Class Course Sydney
It’s been a long time between posts! It’s also been a long time between painting too. I will post more soon as I have a few paintings up my sleeve I want to get out that I am very excited about. If you have an Instagram account you can also follow me there @wolfgang_and_rose 

For those of you who’d like to come along I am teaching Fashion illustration this April  over 2 consecutive Saturdays. This is a beginners course, but be assured I will have you leave with the confidence to draw your own fashion figure, design and draw fabulous clothing it and finish it all with beautiful gouache, ink and watercolour skills to make your own fashion illustrations that you will be proud of!

I teach in a very logical way, there is no airy fairy stuff going on here. Figurative drawing is one of the hardest forms to achieve, but by knowing the proportions of the body, understanding form, volume and how light affects these things brings an easier approach to achieving skills you can use with ease.

For more info and to book please visit The Sydney Community College here. Or feel free to email me here:

Class location will be in  the Holmes Building, York St Sydney City.

Hope to see you there,

Wolfgang & Rose xxx


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