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New Oil Painting: Freckles



Freckles, oil on Belgian Linen, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm  SOLD
Giclee Prints available via my Etsy Store

I have cheated a bit and posted this new work a bit late! I completed “Freckles ” at the end of last year and it’s already March! It’s been a while since I’ve had time to dedicate to my art. Well, I am back again with a few helpful things in place to handle the juggling of making art and full time mothering. My supportive and lovely husband got some help for me at home. He got me a cleaner to come in every fortnight for a couple of hours to do all the hard labour chores I need to get done, to which I am a little embarrassed about. To someone like me, brining in a cleaner to do the job that I “should” be doing makes me feel like I am failing at being the homemaker. But to be honest, I work my butt off everyday. Being at home isn’t the fairytale where I sit all day playing with my kids, making art and having clean house. Instead I am cleaning, cooking, driving around getting groceries, fixing household problems, helping with homework, dealing with tantrums, la l al la! There has been absolutely no time to paint, and I need to paint for my own sanity and have a break. So, I am ever so thankful for the help and will use that extra free time I gain from having some help around the house to produce more art. I am really excited, as I have so many ideas I want to get off the ground this year, I just hope to get better at the creative/ homelife balance.

Painted with love

Wolfgang & Rose xox


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