New Painting: Mademoiselle

Well this is such a belated post! I had meant to create this post a couple of months ago when it was finalised, but as life goes for me busy busy happy happy! I luckily took lots of progress pics especially for this post. So here goes, hope my explanations are easy to understand. This was such a fun painting to create…..

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art“Mademoiselle”, oil on Belgian Linen, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm
Giclee Prints of original paint available for sale on Etsy


art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Ive drawn in the image in pencil and have just started to paint my wash (a watery acrylic layer of paint). This acts as a colour and paint stabiliser for upcoming oil paint layers.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Wash layer (can also be called the underpainting) all done! Despite looking horrible at the moment, this layer gives me a head-start as oils are often transparent, so you often need a few layers of paint to get true colour. By using acrylics as the underpainting layers you save time as acrylics dry within minutes, oils can take days to dry.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: This is the initial layer of oil paint finalised and dry. The point of this layer is to get the basis of the forms in and colours down. I just focus on getting everything in the right place rather than smoothing things out.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: I know, poor girl looks a bit hideous at this stage of the painting. This is the second oil paint layer starting on the face, you can spot the difference between the 1st and second layers on the face and the smoothing out thats happening here. See how Im contouring the face but keeping with where there is also light and shade. Imagine Im contouring her face in make up, same thing going on here but with oil paint.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Second layer of oils done and here I have waited for it to dry and am now painting on the third layer. You can see the comparison of smoothing between the 2nd layer (hands) and the 3rd layer in face area. The idea is to work rough from bottom layers and smoother layers on top each time, the more layers the smoother it all becomes. Because you already have colour and the basis of what you want to paint in previous layer, the process of filling in the blanks and smoothing out whats already there in second layer creates a seamless smoothing look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.13.22 PM

Above: This is the 4th layer of oil paint happening now, putting more detail in face and painting in the hands. See how smoother it’s all becoming! I then will go and neaten things all up again and again, add the background and add more details in. All of the finer details can be added in a 5th, 6th layer ect, but you don’t have to paint the whole image in the final layers, just the bits that need refining. So, some areas will have just a couple of layers some can have 10, its all up to how refined you want the final painting to be.

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

Above: Finished and framed

Hope you enjoyed the post and got some useful tips and insight to oils, I have another painting that has been finished since that needs to be posted. Will get that up in a few days.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose





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