A Busy Life

Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art www.wolfgangandrose.com
Me and my “mini Me” getting some creative time together

Motherhood and Creativity: The Divided Heart, is a book I had heard a bout a few years ago. It has now been re-relased and updated and I have finally read it. Do women still confront the attitude that they have to choose between following their creative dreams and having children? Author Rachel Power’s book conducts conversations with Australia’s most respected actors, writers,artists and musicians speak frankly about the wrench between motherhood and their creative lives. For those of you who follow my blog you will used to me saying regularly “I don’t ever have time to paint!” I try not to use this excuse all the time, but this issue is such a big point in my life. I often feel sick with guilt of having creative dreams and ambitions, when I already have so much already with my family. But the point of the fact is, I NEED to paint. Some people need exercise, some need fresh air, but I really need to paint otherwise I will go crazy. Painting for me is relaxing and makes me feel calm, it’s actually quite meditative. It’s been great to read this book and hear that so many other women go through this issue, and that their guilt in wanting to continue and succeeding in their creative field is something that is not uncommon. Motherhood and Creativity: The Divided Heart is available via Affirm Press in either paperback or Ebook, I highly recommend it.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang & Rose



1 thought on “Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart”

  1. So very true. A mother is often torn between her work and her family and I find I get extremely cranky if I can’t express myself creatively. The housework will always be there. Half an hour or a few hours makes no difference to it. Ben is at an age that he can play happily for around half an hour without input and my parents are always happy to babysit him, so I am very fortunate and make the most of their generosity. I know a lot of Mums who do their creative pursuits late at night, but by then I’ve lost my energy. I run away for half an hour or so, once a week, to the cafe around the corner so that I can write in peace. It doesn’t happen every week but when it does, I relish it.

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