art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art
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Painting Hair with Bankers

art by artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art

“Yes you can paint!” has always been my answer to anyone who says that they can’t. One of my greatest pleasures of being an artist is passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for painting to those who seek it. I love teaching, especially when a student has that “Wow did I really paint that,” moment in one of my classes.

This picture above is from a recent private corporate class, teaching a bunch of bankers basic oil painting techniques. They thought I was just going to give them a basic easy peasy lesson, but I put them to work and threw them into the deep end with painting hair in oils, and look what happened! If you can logically work with numbers and algorithms as they do, then painting is just the same; it’s just logical ways of looking at mass and within that mass finding geometric forms and patterns. They did so well and I was proud as pits seeing those moments of artistic realisation each person had.

Happy painting,

Wolfgang and Rose xox


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