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Lady Frankenstein


art by Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose Art
Watercolour painting in progress
PicFrame +
These are the sourced images used that I referenced to make the above watercolour painting.

Lady Frankenstein! No thats not the name that I am giving this painting, it’s just how I make my reference images! This little number I was working on last week white at the Etsy at David Jones event (which was an amazing experience by the way!). This was part of a demonstration that I gave there for fashion illustration in watercolours.

The Frankenstein title comes from my reference image process where I take a range of images sourced from fashion magazines and the web, then splice them all together to make a completely new image. It’s kind of like making a lady Frankenstein out of many beautiful fashion photographs. You can see in the image above all of the pictures I have used. I’ve yet to finish this painting though, as I am quite chatty and spent a lot of my demonstration time talking and meeting with some great people. Hopefully they got some good tips on watercolour painting and enjoyed the demo. Thank you to those who came along and said hi!

Am off to sunny Queensland next week for a holiday with my darling family, so this painting is on hold until then.

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose





7 thoughts on “Lady Frankenstein”

  1. She’s stunning already. Can’t wait to see Lady Frankenstein’s final look! Have a fun time up in QLD.. a much well-deserved rest for you 🙂 xx

  2. Hi Rose,

    Have just followed you and your work from your introduction in the Etsy group 🙂 I love your style and the vivid colours you use! My favourite is “Pink Empire” and I’ll be purchasing a print soon 🙂


      1. Yes, I’m in the group 🙂 I haven’t started a store yet, but I have plans to by April. I’ve started working through some of my plans to make it happen, just in my spare time (in between shooting families and weddings) so you will probably see more “home art” and product photography related stuff in that group/on my website pop up. Thank you! I’ve been photographing legally as a business for about a year, finding my groove and what I like the most. I love taking photos of “things” lol.
        I’ve added your blog to my feed and your shop to my favourites, and look forward to your future work! 🙂

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