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Water in my paint!

Australian artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose

I’m happy to have had a few moments this weekend to (a) tidy up my painting desk, and (b) pull out my old watercolour set for a bit of a play. I’ve forgotten how much fun watercolours can be and really enjoy the medium. It’s so much different from painting in oils, if you make a mistake, you can’t go and cover it up like you can with oil paint. So it for me, it is a more methodical way of painting.

I think I may do my next work in watercolours, I will try and make a step by step guide and publish here in a future post. Am also looking forward to teaching Fashion Illustration in Watercolours at the Workshop mid May in Sydney, it will be lots of fun.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose xox




2 thoughts on “Water in my paint!”

  1. Rose! This is gorgeous 🙂 Watercolours melt my heart and intimidate me at the same time, I feel that if you don’t have control over the medium, then it’ll control you… I’ve been meaning to look for a watercolour class but have postponed it till I finish several oil paintings I’ve left mid-way through… Looking forward to seeing where this proyect takes you 🙂 big hug, Alexandra

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