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Interview with The Red Thread

Australian artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose interview with the Red Threadww.wolfgangandrose.com

I could waste hours ogling through design blogs if I had the time, and one of my favourites is The Red Thread by the creatively prolific designer Lisa Tilse. So you can imagine how excited I was when Lisa contacted me asking to interview me for her Space to Create column. In the interview I opened up to Lisa my studio (or you could say lack of it) and insights into my creative and personal space.

Seeing my feature on The Red Thread really gave me a boost this week as I have been feeling down and exhausted. The last two weeks have been chaotic with school holidays, plus we are also mid moving house. At one stage I broke down in tears as it all got too much. Sometimes all I want to do is hide away and have time for myself to paint and relax, but I’m always so busy looking after my family. When I do get time to myself I’m exhausted to even think, let alone pick up a paint brush. Luckily I am surrounded by a great support network of family, friends and my amazing husband. As worn out from motherhood as I feel, I am truly grateful that I do have a full life and for everyone in it, especially my children whom I completely love and adore, even when they throw food in my face.

Here is the link to my interview, and how cool does Wolfgang look in the photos. Like a boss!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose




2 thoughts on “Interview with The Red Thread”

  1. Yay for that interview, it showed me the way to your lovely blog! I can relate with motherhood exhaustion and the need for me time…I recently listened to an online webinar with Dr. Eric Meisel, he mentioned that when we, the creatives/artists don’t get our daily dose of creativity time we fall into a deep sadness and despair, everyday life becomes this overwhelming even unfair burden, but it’s much influenced by our need for me time to lose ourselves in our creative world… When I moved and had to leave my beautiful painting workshop and wonderful lady friends I kind of felt (a bit dramatic) that I had lost something which was impossible to get back, I kept this huge grey cloud over my head for months, then life also got in the way of blogging, I felt this terrible sadness and disconnection from myself… So I bought some cheap acrylics and canvases and started painting randomly at home and made a special place in my class program to get a chance to also paint at school… As for the blog, it waited till I came back… Family and children will have to come first for a while but we will eventually get our much dreamed of time to create and it’ll be better than we could have ever imagined, I am sure of that 🙂 sending you a big hug after this looooong-winded comment 🙂 Alexandra

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Alexandra, so true about feeling a sadness and despair when we creatives are not able to do what we love. it’s a constant struggle for me and am ever burdened with guilt for feeling like this. My favourite quote is “women can have it all, but just not at the same time”. I guess thats true for me, I know I will shine again creatively one day, but in this moment in my life I have to shine brighter for my kids. Big hugs to you Alexandra and thanks for being so honest. xxxx

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