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Fashion Illustration in Watercolour at the Work Shop with Wolfgang and Rose!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching Fashion Illustration Master Class in Watercolour at the Work Shop studios this May! The Work Shop  collaborates with local artists and industry experts to teach classes and I am very excited to be part of their team!

Fashion Illustration in Watercolour, is a one day workshop aimed at complete beginners or those who have some drawing and painting experience. In this class I will teach you the practical introductory skills and techniques in watercolour, focusing on the fashion image style. Think Paris classic: Chanel & Louis Vuitton.

Students will be shown how to choose and utilise suitable photographic images, which will then be used as reference material to draw upon and paint their own fashion illustration. By the end, students will have completed at least one or more of their own fashion illustrations, and will have developed the practical skills in painting facial features, the dressed figure and fashion items like handbags and shoes. You will also learn and practice the basic skills of rendering fabric, light and shade, tonal value, design and proportion.

As an add-on, you will be shown how to further your knowledge and skills in fashion illustration, as well as useful tips on publishing and selling your own artwork.

What will be provided?
A watercolour palette with a range of fashion colours
Pad of Watercolour paper, and a selection of watercolour brushes.
Selection of fashion magazines supplied for you to choose your reference images from, or you are welcome to bring in your own reference material.
These will be yours to take home with you and continue painting with your new awesome skills!

Bookings can be made via the workshop website here or just pop me an email if you would like more information.

Hope to see you there!

Wolfgang and Rose



2 thoughts on “Fashion Illustration in Watercolour at the Work Shop with Wolfgang and Rose!”

  1. Fabulous project! Just clicked on over to the WorkShop site, a great community endeavour, congrats on being part of it 🙂 anyway, I found my way here thanks to your lovely and very inspirational interview on TheRedThread blog. I have been reading back through your blog and am truly enjoying having an opportunity to admire your work, in fact, I am feeling the need to get my painting supplies out… Though no where as accomplished and good as you, you have a way of making us beginners feel welcome in your creative space… Thank you and will keep reading and feeling the call of the creatives 🙂 alexandra

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