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Finding Inspiration

Rose Miller of Wolfgang & Rose, Australian Artist
A few of you have written in to me asking how I find inspiration for my paintings and where do I get my imagery from, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to “Finding Inspiration”. Let me just say that I am addicted to magazines!  I LOVE fashion, decor and design magazines. Even though I never get time to read the articles, I will scour through them and pick out anything and everything that I find appealing, usually over a cup of tea with Wolfgang when the kids are asleep. It could be colour combinations, patterns, clothing, interesting figurative poses etc. I collect and sort them all into a catalogued folder with sections like; colours, patterns, faces and hairstyles.  From this I have a huge and over flowing inspirational image library at my fingertips. I then spend time creating a sort of collage using a selection of images, in which will become the basis of my preliminary drawing that I will then trace onto my canvas. Above is a simple example of where I get my source imagery from. The painting is still in progress, so I should have the finished work up soon in my next post!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose



1 thought on “Finding Inspiration”

  1. Getting a glimpse of an artist’s creative process is so enriching plus it shows the true generosity in the author for sharing the very intimate behind the scenes of a project… So Thank You for this post Rose 🙂 alexandra

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