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Project RE:MAKE

A few months ago I was asked to take part in this years Project RE:MAKE exhibition. The mission of RE:MAKE is to rescue abandoned art projects and give them a new life.  So last week I had some time to work on the art piece that I was assigned to “re make”. The artwork was an abandoned 8′ x 10′ oil painting by an anonymous and probably disheartened artist (as it was found in a garage sale).  My first reaction to receiving this piece was utter stage fright and complete creative block, as I had no idea how I could transform it into anything worthy of exhibiting. I am such a control freak and the thought of re-working an already completed painting was not easy for me. It took me a few days of thinking out preliminary ideas, but in the end I was happy with the result. Thank goodness! Here is my RE:MAKE artwork progress, followed by the final and finished painting…

Project RE:MAKE by Rose Miller of Wolfgang & Rose Art

This is what the painting looked like when it came into my possession. I loved the blue and orange colour scheme, so I used this as inspiration, I then turned the painting upside down…..

Project RE:MAKE by Rose Miller of Wolfgang & Rose Art

In the image above you can see that the painting has flipped vertically, for some reason I thought the colours worked better this way. I then painted over the artwork an ivory vintage floral pattern, leaving the original painting showing through in the background.

Project RE:MAKE by Rose Miller of Wolfgang & Rose Art

The image of the little girl that I’ve painted, is from an old photo I took a few years ago. So it was serendipity that it was perfect for this enchanted forest scene that I wanted to create.

Project RE:MAKE by Rose Miller of Wolfgang & Rose Art

I had intended to paint the little girl in colour, but along the way I decide to leave her in a desaturated hue, she just seemed more in balance with the whole image like this. I did though give her jacket some colour to balance out the composition. I then went and put a grey/brown glaze over the original areas of the painting showing through the new layers of paint. This helped define the new painting against the original painting underneath. I then brightened up the entire canvas with coloured glazes, which really brightened up the finished painting pictured below….



Et voila! Here it is, the final painting finished. Well, I did surprise myself and managed to completely change the original painting into something totally new. This was so much fun and for a while there, I imagined myself on Project Runway doing an episode of “The Uncoventional Materials Challenge!”.  If only Tim Gunn was there to guide me along, but alas I had my beloved Wolfgang here with me instead, whom I must say is just as suave and looks better in a bow tie than Mr Gunn himself!

This painting will be on show along with 12 other rescued artworks by both established and emerging Sydney artists at at the RE:MAKE Exhibition in East Sydney from the 29 – 30 March, 2014. Each artwork will be auctioned to raise funds for East Sydney’s Public High School Art Programme. For more information click on the link here

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose



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