Lemon Lime Pop

Lemon Lime Pop by Rose Miller, oil on wood panel, www.wolfgangandrose.com

Lemon Lime Pop, oil on wood panel, 10″ x 12″ /  25cm x 31cm  Original Painting SOLD, Giclee Prints Available for sale on Etsy

Im a bit late posting this new work up, I must admit that completing a painting very two weeks was quite ambitious.  But I am ambitious and am also a perfectionist!  I often feel guilty that in my downtime rather than painting, I should be doing other things like exercising with Wolfgang, or resting so that I have more energy for my children.  But as my lovely husband says, “a happy wife is a happy life” and I guess that goes the same as being a happy Mum for my children.  I need this creative release and without it I would be unhappy.  Im very lucky to have such supportive family and friends who encourage my creativity – thank you guys!
Anyways, here it is, my first wood panel painting Lemon Lime Pop. Im feeling thirsty!

Painted with love,

Wolfgang and Rose


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